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About Me

  • Security professional since 2001
  • Many topics covered: PKI, Malware hunting, IDS, Log correlation, Hardening and more
  • Lot of security tools released (most of them listed in this page) 
  • Author of 'Unhide' anti malware tool for Linux packaged in all major Linux distributions (Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora and more)
  • Author of 'AntiRansom' first anti ransomware tool based in honeypots recomended by spanish CCNCERT
  • Press collaborator (huffingtonpost, ElDiario, ElConfidencial, ABC, Xataka, Gizmodo, Vozpopuli and more)
  • Also TV: 'Equipo de investigación', 'La hora de la 1', 'Cuarto Milenio' and more
  • Currently working in eGarante
  • Contact: